Full Resume

I’m a full stack developer and technology leader.

With my background in design and construction, I bring a unique understanding to the problems facing industries through the lens of design thinking. I love working with designers and practitioners to find new and better ways of doing the work we love, and improving the environment around us.


I’ve had the opportunity to work for a diverse set of practices during my career, offering a breadth of lessons from the individuality of each experience. Between 2009 and 2016 I alternated classroom semesters with internship semesters while pursuing my degrees - allowing me to experience the practice across the country, and even abroad. After graduation, I joined KieranTimberlake; initially as an architect, and later moved on to the Research Group to start the Design Computation Core. In 2018 I joined NBBJ as the firm-wide Design Computation Team Leader and have since been involved with studio and firm-wide digital and technology initiatives as well as pursuing community engagements and contributions.


I currently operate in JavaScript, C#, and Python (sorted from most frequently used to least). With JavaScript, I’ve designed and deployed numerous full-stack (front-end and back-end) web applications and deployments leveraging Express.js/GraphQL for backend architecture and Vue.js for front-end interfaces. With C#, I have contributed to, developed, and deployed a number of desktop applications, application add-ins, and other utilities with a specialization in Autodesk APIs. With Python, I support firm-wide visual programming scripting and development workflows by offering training and support to the rest of the NBBJ Design Computation team.